Wix allows users to save their work and publish it. I knew a lot of users stop before the publish phase, and I suspected they lacked the confidence to show their work to the public. I suggested that we allow those users to send their websites to selected contacts (usually friends and family), without publishing them. Those contacts will have an interface to create visual feedback. Users can see the feedback on top of their websites, giving them the opportunity to fix the problems their contacts found, thus gaining the confidence to publish their work.

The Feedme feature was quickly adopted by our users, gaining hundreds of thousands of comments within weeks of its release, from around the globe. The ability to receive feedback is also used by professional designers to communicate with their clients, instead of long emails filled with cumbersome descriptions.

Problem - people hesitate to publish their website

The idea - let others help them with useful feedback

The feedback should be easy to give and visually clear 

I led a team of UX, product managers and developers

The feature is widely used, and caused a rise in the ratio of published sites


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