Since I was a teenager I have been volunteering with Hamahanot  Haolim youth movement. This nation wide movement educates children of all ages towards democracy, liberal values and civics. The goal is to make them believe they have a responsibility for their society, and the ability to make a difference. Well, it convinced me :)


I started as an educator, working with younger groups, and after I finished my bachelor degree, I started helping with computer related issues. This includes managing the movement’s website, activity in social networks, and using or creating different applications for common activities.

As a volunteer with ‘A Different Lesson’ organization, I teach mathematics in Ort Abin high school in Ramat Gan. Working with 11th grade children, I try to find new and interesting ways to explain the subjects. I show the children that mathematics can be useful and practical by include examples and math challenges from my work as a developer in their lessons.

While studying in the university, I participated in the ‘community CS teaching’ program, led by Prof Benny Chor, which enables children in economically disadvantaged areas, to learn computer science. I taught fifth graders in Komemiyut elementary school in Pardes Katz. The lessons focused on fun ways to learn theoretical principles of CS like binary numbers, encryption, and search algorithms. I also used Scratch to give them a basic understanding of programming and logic. Teaching them was a not an easy task, but it was a very satisfying one.

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