I'm a front end engineer, with a passion for complex challenges and sisyphean tasks :) 

At Wix.com I've had the chance to work on the world's most advanced website creation platform.

I love UX and work hard to make my features' usability fun and easy to understand.

Scroll down to view some of my projects. 






This project allows our users to get feedback from their friends and family about their website. It allowed data to flow from the site visitor to the owner. The project required full stack skills, writing both server and client sides. It also required a lot of attention to UX, since the experience of giving feedback was unfamiliar.




An open source solution for customized design scrollbar, while using native OS behaviors like scroll animations. 

The custom scrollbar is in a separate layer above the content, not affecting the layout, when it appears.



Browsers rotate elements around their center, resulting in strange side effects when resizing them in a single direction.

That is why allowing drag & drop manipulation of rotated elements' size requires complicated adjustments to counter those side effects.



As the final project in my undergraduate degree, I researched a new method to assemble DNA. 

The research took six months, and had excellent results.


Since I was a teenager, I have felt a commitment towards my community. Here you can find the various volunteering projects I participated in, and the work I'm doing now with Hamahanot Haolim youth movement.